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Wick and the Tricks


Wick & The Tricks formed on Halloween night at a drunken basement punk show in Kansas City; and the Midwest has never been the same. The Tricks have become infamous for their energetic live performances, combining the spirit of bands like the Cramps and the New York Dolls with a faster, harder sound. Carrying the torch of the riot grrrls and early queercore bands with some not-so-subtle nods to Joan Jett, Wick & The Tricks are a band with a mission (but hopes you’re having way too much fun to notice).

Having played with such varied acts as Girl In A Coma, Punk Bunny, and the Shondes, The Tricks have become a punk rock force to reckon with. Their latest release, Tricky, highlights a more evolved sound which doesn’t shy away from their gritty roots or radical ethos. Kill Your TV memorably described them as “…a blazing bit of hellfire sex
scum being flung directly at your face with all the intensity & horrifically pleasurable speed of a cheap motel money shot!”

The Tricks are made up of a ragtag group of misfits. Relentlessly beating on the drums is Jojo Tornado, a force of nature that will literally blow your pants off. Guitarist Omega Meg is an Amazon warrior who stumbled into the band after getting lost on her way home from an acoustic folk night . When she’s not fingering her bass, Jane Asylum spends her time drinking cheap whiskey and making fun of Wick. The band provides a kick-in-the-balls backdrop in front of which Wick Trick shimmies, strips, and sings of sex, sleaze, and thinly-veiled social commentary. Exuding sexuality and a rowdy nature, it’s likely by the endof the show you’ll either be making out or in a fist fight with one of
them. Lucky you.

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