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Various Blonde


“Ignite! Experiment! Boom! are all riotous cries of Various Blonde’s multi-instrumentalist frontman Joshua Allen. The Kansas City band wants to fuel your next party with it’s bombastic, dark, progressive style of experimental music that is a mixture of both pop and rock. The band has been described by Mills Record Company as, “”Having all the sex appeal of The Weeknd and all the grit of Rage Against the Machine–the combination makes for a performance that is explosive.””

Their new record, All Bases Covered, started to come together with producer Adam Mcgill(formerly of The Republic Tigers) when he started performing with the band. The album’s lead single is already in regular rotation on hometown station 90.9 The Bridge. All Bases Covered was recorded between the band’s home studio and Element Recording Studios in the spring of 2016. They recorded their debut album Summer High back in 2014 with Mars Volta and Jack White keyboardist Isaiah “Ikey” Owens.

All Bases Covered is the latest record from Various Blonde and is scheduled to be released the fall of 2016 on The Record Machine.”

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