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The Wild Type


“The Wild Type, formerly Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, is a femme-fronted, five-piece Indie Surf-Pop band from Kansas City, MO. The band is comprised of members Rachel Mallin (lead vocals), Justin Walker (bass), Austin Edmisten (drums/back-up vocals), Jesse Bartmess (keys), and Matt Kosinski (lead guitar).

Evolving from a solo project (Rachel Mallin), into a project with a backing band (Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type), it wasn’t until July of 2016 that The Wild Type embarked on their first collaborative project and released “”Degenerate Matters””, a four track EP which includes original songs: “Cash4Gold”, “Dance Card”, “Dropout”, and “White Girls”. Mallin’s vocals, which lazily drift alongside Edmisten’s harmonic accompaniment with charming sarcasm and quips of disdain, are a lyric & rhythmic reflection of the generational culture of collegiate discontent. In perfect complement, the sonic textures of Kosinski’s guitar arrangements and Bartmess’ atmospheric synth lines float on the surface of Walker’s soul-biased bass licks to uniquely recreate a pop-surf vibe nostalgic of 50’s/60’s doo-wop.”

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