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Keaton Conrad


Keaton Conrad is a musical artist known for effectively infusing indie rock with diverse genres, such as house, jazz, and hip-hop. A 17-year-old Kansas native, he is influenced by a wide range of artists including Neon Indian, Coldplay, Bon Iver, and Chet Faker. In addition to his singing and musical abilities, he has received recognition and numerous awards for his songwriting and classical composition skills.

Conrad spent two years as the lead singer and keyboardist in the pop rock cover band ChangeUp, performing around the Kansas City area and building a strong following with fans of all ages. In late 2014, he stepped away to focus on writing and pursue a solo career.

In the midst of self-discovery and growth as an artist, Conrad strengthened his production skills and in 2015 released an original five-song EP, Panic & Blame, which is reminiscent of the 2000s pop rock sound he grew up on.

As a follow-up to this release, he recorded his first full-length LP entitled “Waves”. This album proves to be very intimate for him, pulling from various experiences and influences, and the result is a 9 song journey that captures the true soul of this young artist. Ranging in style from pop rock to hip-hop to ambient, this record is innately diverse. It’s a minor departure from Keaton’s previous work, while also being saturated with even more inspiration, emotion, and personality. “Waves” was released on January 27, 2017.

Conrad is comfortable breaking artistic boundaries, where he has situated himself perfectly among the duality of creative self-expression and commerciality.

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