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Erik Voeks


Erik Voeks is a Kansas City, KS based musician and songwriter, drawing from power-pop, alt. country, easy listening, even progressive rock, always with an ear to a catchy melody and a twist of phrase.

“”Lyrically, the songs certainly take you to the deep side of the sink. Erik Voeks is not afraid to confront grand and intangible issues.”” Zach Hodson, The Deli

Erik spent his youth in the outback of Australia. He began playing pubs and clubs at the age of 16, moving to St. Louis in 1989 where he fell in with the local music community. A demo tape was passed to Brian Kirk, head of Bus Stop Records, who released two 7″” singles drawn directly from the cassette copy. Lo-fi, indeed! The release of the singles led to a deal with Rockville Records (at that time home to Uncle Tupelo) who released the full length CD, Sandbox, in 1993. It sold poorly and a follow up was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. Meanwhile, Erik moved to Kansas City and began playing with a number of local acts: The Octopus Frontier, The Glass Ouijans, The Gaslights, Hidden Pictures, as well as playing guitar/bass in a number of theatrical productions and touring, on occasion, with Texas songsmith legend Jon Dee Graham.

2012 saw the release of a 4 song online EP entitled Free Range which was picked up and released as a 7″” by Spanish label Spring Records. In 2013, Finulu, another online EP, was released.

2016 finally saw the release of Erik’s second full length album, So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away on Hanky Panky Records. Solo and full band performances are scheduled throughout 2017 to support the release.”

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