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American Slim


Kansas City based American Slim started in the Spring of 2012.

The similarities of each member are obvious: -all passionate, and all moved by watching the audience fall in love with the music. Their differences influence the band’s unique sound; bass, lead guitar, acoustical guitar, keyboards, drums, ukulele, banjo, piano, and saxophone blend together with a distinctive mix of killer vocals and smooth harmonies. American Slim’s vibe is eclectic and it’s that quality–the I-can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it-but-I-love-it sentiment, that audiences call the band’s signature sound: bits of indie, rock, blues, and funk fused together for a mix that has evolved from performing covers to writing and performing originals.
What American Slim seems to understand, despite its collective youth is that music transcends stats like numbers and ages and character traits. Music is about heart and soul, celebration and contemplation, who we are as individuals and what makes us tick as a community. Together the group learned to play to—and for—audiences in the Midwest. In the past four years, they’ve drawn crowds at music venues, fairs and festivals.

Ask any of the band members why they play, and they’ll tell you they’re there for the audience; that their energy comes from seeing fans connect with the songs they perform, and their goal isn’t just to play because they love music, but because their fans love the music. They get that even though they’re playing one song, it’s heard in an infinite number of ways by those listening, and that’s what fuels them. Their excitement comes through in their sound and their high-energy delivery

“What drives me to make the band a success is performing for the crowd,” says Jacob Newland. “Really we are there for them; they are not there for us.”

“Every time we get out and play we meet new faces; from musicians to audience members every single encounter to me is important,” says Mikala Petillo. “Half the reward of playing music is being able to have crazy moments with people you never thought you would converse with.”

Patrick Newland is driven by technical improvement; he strives for great instead of good and is focused on developing a good reputation for American Slim, while Nathan Jurries is moved from the inherent emotion in music. “From heavy metal to classical music, I hear the emotion in the words and notes, and it takes me to a different place,”

That’s one of American Slim’s best qualities: each member is unique—quirky, almost–but their differences are what makes the band an eclectic, electrifying mix of old and new, smooth and punchy, and full-on fun.

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